Munich Welding

Our Core Values And Beliefs


We strive to treat our customers, vendors, and employees in an equitable manner.


We work hard from pricing to delivery to be informative and transparent.


With years of experience, Munich has a host of methods to make projects successful

Common Sense

Projects make more sense when you just use your head.

God-Centered Mindset

We choose to express our spiritually driven values and consider them an integral part of our product.


From Quality machinery to Quality craftsmanship to Quality inspections, our goal is to provide products so good you want to tell your friends about them.

Munich Welding has provided over 65 years of fabricating services. We’re focused on our core values to provide solutions. Over the years we’ve earned a respected name within the Power, Mining, Wastewater, Food, and Industrial markets.

Our facility has over 100,000 sq ft under roof. We offer the region’s best when it comes to fabricated metals. We provide in house detailing, scheduling, and coatings of our steel. Test fitting is a standard practice. We have strong relationships with our supplier base with two local galvanizing operations.

Munich is comprised of the best talent within the region. Our average tenure at our facility is roughly a decade. We employ 80 of the best men in the region with 2 production shifts. All of our welders are AWS D1.1 certified. We have a CWI on staff, 3rd party testing facility, and quality auditors.

The foremen have 20+ years of experience in their respected roles. Therefore simple or complex structures are made in accordance to best practices. Experienced management of those operations ensures the tightest controls for Quality Assurance.

Our drive for solutions is focused upon our core values. Internally our values drive continuous improvements. Externally those values allow us to deliver quality products, on time, without defects to our customers. If there is a problem we will resolve the issue.

Our commitment as a supplier to you is to maintain our values: Fair, Honest, Persistent, Common Sense, and Practical. We’ll do our best to not over commit ourselves. We’ll provide honest feedback to communicate effectively. We work hard to create partnerships with companies who share our values for long term success.